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Mentor an eager learner

As part of Mozilla’s non-profit mission, our goal is to spread digital literacy and skills through open collaboration. Mentoring is key to accomplishing this on a global scale. Webmaker mentors help others learn digital skills and share creative new ways for teaching technology.

Who are Webmaker mentors?

We're techies, makers, educators, parents and other passionate people who care about creating a more web literate world. We support learners everywhere: in our homes, offices, neighborhoods, classrooms and online. We believe making something you love — online or off — is the best way to learn

Meet some amazing mentors.



Video remixing and open source for youth

Emma ran a hack jam for 10-12 year olds at her local university computer lab in Victoria, Canada. Now she’s working with other mentors to launch #GenOpen, one of the world’s first open source projects run by and for youth.



Making the web physical

Jon organized a 48-hour hack jam in Dundee, Scotland, exploring everything from a “Twitter bird” made out of paper and wire to hooking Google Maps up to an arcade joystick.



Youth mentor

Unnati participated in our Summer Code Party in 2012 where she learned to remix her own web pages using Thimble and Popcorn. She now shares her knowledge by teaching her friends, family and classmates basic HTML.

How to become a mentor

Mentors help others learn digital skills by providing direct feedback to learners of any age from around the world. There is no formal application or process to become a webmaking mentor. Instead, we invite you to simply get involved by:

Why become a mentor?

  • Expand your network. Webmaker's mentor community spans the entire globe. Connect with other techies, educators and mentors to exchange ideas and creative new ways for teaching technology.
  • Grow your reach. Mozilla's annual Maker Party and the Mozilla Festival attract thousands of eager learners, not to mention filmmakers, journalists, politicians, artists and inventors.
  • Get gear. Webmaker mentors get access to coveted Mozilla gear like stickers, t-shirts and banners to excite learners and make events even more awesome. Get in touch to learn more.
  • Shape standards. A global community that wants to teach the web right is creating a Web Literacy Map. We're trying to build consensus around the skills, competencies and literacies necessary to read, write and participate on the web - now and in the future.
  • Be on the cutting edge. Webmaker mentors are defining the future of education and technology with innovative new pedagogies and interest-driven, learner-centered content.

Connecting with other mentors

  • Tweet #teachtheweb

    The fastest way to get help, offer help and connect with other mentors.

  • Join our global conversation forum.

    This is the G+ community for anyone interested in teaching the web. Take part in discussions, find useful resources, and see what other people are making and learning.

  • Get involved with Webmaker.

    From newsletters to community calls, there are many ways you can join our community.

  • Stay in touch.

    Join our Webmaker Mentor email list to stay up to date on key news and announcements.