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How are we doing?

Receiving your opinions on the Webmaker experience is really important to us. In fact, your feedback is pretty much the first thing we take into account when we plan future impovements to the site. Please take a minute to tell us what you like about the site, what doesn't work how you expected it would and what could be better.


Submit a bug on Bugzilla

Our team uses an issue tracker called Bugzilla for filing bugs and monitoring fixes. Anyone can submit a bug. And just because it’s called a "bug" doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong; it can be an idea you have for a feature, a note about how much you like something or a non-technical suggestion for improvments.

When you file your bug, be sure to put "Feedback" in the Status Whiteboard field so we can find it. If you don’t see the Whiteboard option, make sure the advanced options are showing.

If you don’t see the Whiteboard field, make sure the advanced options are showing.
Submit a bug now


Host a user testing session

A user testing session is when you sit down with a user, have them explore the site and then fill out a survey with their responses. These sessions are extremely helpful to us because users can concentrate on exploring the site while you take care of accurately reporting on their experience.

  1. 1 Familiarize yourself with our survey.
  2. 2 Find a willing volunteer and walk them through our survey. Let them drive, but ask them to speak their thoughts aloud so you can write them in the form.
  3. 3 Shower your volunteer with love and Mozilla gear. Big thanks to them (and you) for helping us make Webmaker better for everyone.

Optional File follow-up bugs on Bugzilla! See how above.

We are always thrilled to hear from users! Here’s a long list of bugs captured at a Mozilla workshop.