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We teach the web

We're a global community dedicated to teaching digital skills and web literacy. We explore, tinker and create together to build a web that's open and made by everyone.

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“We remixed our favorite stories using digital media and the web.” Hive NYC Storymakers, Brooklyn Public Library New York
“I went to teach, but in the end I learned a lot.” Mahboob ur Rahman, Webmaker Mentor Ansar Orphanage, India
“I hosted an all-girl Maker Party where women can learn how to teach the wonders of the web.” J Faye Tandog Manila, Philippines
“Webmaker shows how malleable and sharable the web is – helping people not only use tech, but also become creators of it.” Maker Party, MIT Media Lab Boston, USA
“Let’s foster lovely experiences and impromptu creativity on a global scale. Dare to make and share!” Amy Burvall, Webmaker Fellow, teacher and remix artist
“I love sharing knowledge and skills.” Yoe One, Mozilla Rep Surabaya, Indonesia
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Teach the web with interactive tools, activities and lessons plans that are free, hackable and fun

Make and Learn

Learn web skills by making, breaking and mashing up the unexpected

Get Together

Join others at a local event or Maker Party – or collaborate online

Start making

Webmaker tools make it easy to learn web skills through making. Dive into one of these community projects to get started.

Meme Maker

Use a little HTML to swap in your own image and caption. Easy! Level: Beginner.


Created by @openmatt

Movie Poster

Create your own poster and movie pitch.


Created by @webmaker


Make a two-sided postcard that flips over for a personalised message.


Created by @webmaker

Vintage Newspaper

Remix an old-timey newspaper with your own headlines.


Created by @tripad

Book Cover

You're the author of this runaway best-seller book. Level: Intermediate.


Created by @webmaker

Top 5

Make a multimedia list of your 5 favorite things set to music.


Created by @jake

Animated Music Video

Remix audio from YouTube or Soundcloud with animated GIFS to make your own music video. Level: Beginner/Intermediate


Created by @maxcapacity

The Ingredients of Me

Create an ingredients label that shows the world what you are made of. Level: Intermediate

Created by @cogdog